The College Fund

Every month we learn new stores of young people in need of fees to complete their college diplomas and degrees. These are usually young people who have incredible stories of perseverance and commitment that have got them into and through a portion of their degree, but due to their life circumstances they are unable to finish paying their tuition and complete their degree. In Malawi accessing government support or bank loans for studies is very difficult, so often these young people feel hopeless and ready to give up on finishing their studies.

This fund is to provide support to these young people to complete their studies. We love having opportunity to build meaningful relationship with the young people and help develop leadership skills in their so that they can be assets to their communities in the future. 

You can help us in three ways:


You can make a donation to the college fund. This can be done through PayPal or direct bank transfer

Direct Bank Transfer Details: Humphreys Mkandawire, National Bank, Account Number: 1002258184, Gateway Mall


You can purchase a Christmas card here, all the profits from this purchase go towards students tuition


You subscribe for updates about amazing young people who will have the opportunity to finish their education though your generosity!

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