Our kitchen door faces directly where the sun rises. If we’re up and the sky is clear, at just the right point the sun streams through the cracks and the key hole in the door and its beautiful. Apart from our water tower, there are no buildings or structure between our kitchen window and the horizon where the sun comes up, and everyday its beautiful. 

Enjoying a sunrise requires commitment for many of us. It requires being up before the sun and braving the darkness and cold. Sometimes I watch the sunrise through out kitchen window. First the darkness is everywhere, then slowly light breaks and the horizon is revealed, then the light gradually rises until the sun breaks the horizon. It is only when it breaks the horizon that its warmth is felt. 

This weekend we were reflecting on how painful and challenging times often feel like that time right before the light begins to breakthrough and reveal the horizon. It can feel so cold and dark, as if the sun will never rise again. But everyday the sun surely does rise, it’s one thing we can rely on. When we’re up before the sun, we naturally find ourselves, turned towards out kitchen window, where we know that the sun will rise. Similarly, when we’re in dark and painful times our prayer should be ‘Lord posture me towards where the sun will rise again’. Because the sun will surely rise again.

Sometimes God uses prayer and reading his word to posture us. Sometimes he draws us close to those around us to posture us. Other-times He asks us to wait patiently and faithfully in the dark silence, trusting that to posture us. And that when that sun rises we will have the front row seats to His goodness. 

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