Learning God’s provision in building

It has been 9 months since we started this journey of God’s provision with building out house. Here is a snap shot of that journey.

On January 31st we officially moved in! It has been an exciting, exhausting process yet an overwhelming blessing! it is thanks to the support of many of you that we have been able to get to this stage! We are struck everyday by the abundance, faithfulness and goodness of God in His provision to us of this house!

A picture hangs in the dining area on the wall of the stairs that says “So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide” which is Genesis 22:14. It follows the famous story where God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, his first born son. Abraham is faithful to God, even at such great cost and  God reveals to Abraham, at the last minute a ram in the thicket as an alternative offering. We hung this verse because this story serves for us as a great reminder that God is our provider.  Neither of us assumed that we would ever own a house, or that we would have opportunity to build one ouselves. This is a gift from a God. And each stage of building has been a new experience of God’s faithful, miraculous and great provision. From the incredible gift of the land itself to our trustworty and skilled builder, to the gift of wood from a friends’ farm, the expertise of our landlord (&architect), the well-priced and skilled solar installation company, the gas cooker that came on sale just as we moved in and the generosity of those who support us are just some of the multiple of ways we have seen God’s faithfulness.

This story also reminds us that before seeing God’s faithfulness in the ram in the thick, Abraham first showed sacrificial obedience which is a call on our daily lives.

We are blessed to have so many reminders of God’s goodness around us.

May we all seek to follow the daily call to sacrificial obedience of our faithful God and may we see His abundant generosity to us everyday, in the good gifts He gives us and in the offering of His Son for us.


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