Where we live; a lesson in contentment


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When we began discussing and praying about where we should live as a newly married couple we decided that we were open to living with Humphreys’ 3 younger siblings because we want our lives to be in service to others.

Then we began looking for land as a long-term future investment and GOD PROVIDED, in an area just outside Lilongwe.

It then seemed logical that we should live near the land so we walked down the road to a beautiful property with 3 lovely thatched-roof cottages and dense, greenery around. I (Kate) immediately fell in love with the space and the house. Miraculously, the owner had a free house which he said he was happy for us to rent and GOD PROVIDED. It is a simple design, one-bedroom house and it is ideal for us. As a newly married couple we have come to appreciate the blessing of having our own space for this season.

As a result of us moving we had to help Humphreys’ 3 younger siblings, who are finishing their schooling and financially dependent on us. Then Humphreys’ older brother approached us about his willingness for the siblings to live with him and GOD PROVIDED.

When we began task of building seemed to loom ahead of us as an impossibly large task. GOD PROVIDED our land-lord who is an architect and landscape designer to help us design the house and GOD PROVIDED a reputable builder and reliable young men to help us dig and build.

When we both began working at Flood, it meant that we would be dependant on raising support. It was a leap of faith for us.

As we have been trusting God to build the monthly support we are seeking, God has been teaching us both about contentment and trust. We have been reminded many times that GOD IS OUR PROVIDER and contentment is found in Him alone. We read this quote that sums up the spirit of greed that can overtake us:

“You say ‘if I had a little more, i should be very satisfied’. You make a mistake. If you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if it were doubled” Charles Spurgeon 

Every day our little thatched cottage serves to remind us that God has provided abundantly.  And so, we choose to continue trust Him for our financial provision because of His promises and His character. For we believe that it is IN His grace, mercy and love alone that we will find contentment we seek and provision we need.


K & H

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