Here is a video snapshot of our wedding:

A snapshot of the program:

Snapshot from Kate’s Speech:

“Something I realised this week is that on earth marriage is always a dangerous risk.

Because, as we know first hand, we are broken people, living in a broken world. But we are desperate for wholeness, we are longing to have relationship like the one God role modelled marriage on- His.

So, disappointment, struggle, pain and frustration are almost certain in marriage.

And as I reflected this week on how a marriage survives in this broken world I realised that it is by one thing alone- the grace and love of God.

We have talked much about risk and minimising risk in situations. And as I reflected on this choice I realised that having beautiful community and family around us and our discipline in seeking God and serving each other are powerful. But at the end of the day, this marriage is dependant on Gods provision of grace and love.

It struck me that by declaring that we are ‘ready’ to marry today, this was less of a statement about our skills, character or experience -and more of a statement of trust, that we believe God has brought us here and God will bring us together through this broken world.”

Snapshot from Humphrey’s speech:

“Kate, I am absolutely delighted to be standing here next to you because I had no idea what I was missing in my life until I met you. I had my dreams of what kind of a woman I needed and I had times when I thought I would never meet someone like that but you Kate are my the wife of my dreams and I can never ask for anything or anyone better other than you.

We have been through a lot as a couple. We have travelled together in Malawi and outside, we have cooked together some nice meals even though I hate vegemite but I have tasted it because of you. However, we have also been through some low moments that we both regret but it is through the moments of fear, disgust and anger, sadness and Joy that have made us to be who we are today as a couple. I really love how well we work together, how we are discovering each other’s gifts and embracing each other’s weakness because the truth is growth never happens in isolation but in the company of another. And I am so excited to grow with you.”


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