Enjoying the process


In two weeks from today we will be married. We will have celebrated with friends and family at the wedding we have been planning for nearly a year.  We will have both moved into the house we have been planning for 3 months. We will officially begin our lives as a married couple. Yet, we will not have arrived at our destination.

Because our adventure into marriage will have only just begun.

I read this quote this week:

“When Lewis and Clark set out on their famous journey, their goal wasn’t simply to reach the Pacific Ocean. It was to map the Louisiana Purchase. The route was more important than the destination. To me, that is a wonderful image for life itself.” -Jedidiah Jenkins

When we got engaged and decided it was right for us to have a 10 month engagement, some people suggested it would be an easier option to choose a shorter engagement. They may have been right. But we have celebrated on many occasions that our engagement has been a journey, that, despite highs and lows, we have cherished.

The aim of marriage cannot simply be an assumption of ‘happily ever after’ upon arrival. But that it is the beginning of a long, deep, challenging and magnificent adventure.

We are thankful for the journey of engagement that we have had, the ‘mapping of each other lives and souls’ that we have been able to share in. We are thankful for those who have guided us, supported us, third-wheeled with us and walked with us so far in this journey.

As we look to enter the next season in two weeks time, we are excited, not simply to ‘arrive’ at the destination of marriage. But to begin the new route we will take together, towards, with and into God’s oncoming Kingdom, together as a married couple.

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