Archive Blog: Limitation in Calling



As a young man in and from Malawi I feel inadequate, I feel not having enough to over-come the need because the need around me is overwhelming. In my family which includes my extended family i can’t even begin to imagine how many people need to go to school but there’s no tuition, how many people need proper medical care but there’s none, how many people are in need of a job but no opportunity. I can keep going with many things to say about the need that’s right in my face.

I have had dreams of the future where I find for myself supporting my family while still having enough left. But the reality at the moment says something different. It is here that I ask the question where is God calling me to?

First of all I have found the one helpful way for me to determine calling; which is to see that Calling is Need in the face of passion. It’s also the same way how great impact happens. For great impact to happen passion must meet need which should be followed by action.There are always needs in our world or around us but there might be a certain need that bothers you and not only does it bother you but you have a passion or a hunger or a desire to see it change. That passion mixed with faith, ability and action; right there we find ourselves moving in our calling.

I have a passion to see my family members attain education and do well in life and in a small way I have already embarked on that journey but because the NEED itself is too much, I do find myself asking, how should my impact be? I wonder if my calling in this situation is to see that I am unable but God is able. But then how do I balance my capability with God’s ability?

Upon pondering this, I go back to what my Pastor, Sean said, “God is not concerned about us doing too much but he is concerned about us doing our part.

Calling therefore is need meeting with passion within the realm of acknowledging God’s ability and our limitations. I have to recognize my limitations not to have them as an excuse for not doing anything but seeing them as a door way to allow God to work through my limitations. Craig Groeschel says ” We often say God guides by what he provides but often God guides by what he doesn’t provide.” In our greatest limitation we need to ask of what God is trying to communicate and say to us.

For me, is to have faith that he is able to do more than I can ever think or imagine. I see need, I have passion mixed with action and I am limited. God sees my need he identifies with it and he is unlimited.

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